Apocalypse Tattoo

1558 E Olive Way
Seattle, WA 98102

206-320-8447 (p)

Apocalypse Tattoo 4 5 - 1 reviews
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5 business
From: Apocalypse Tattoo Erica on 3/9/2013
Rating: 4 star rating
Comments:  I'm giving apocalypse a 4 star rating. I had my inner upper arms done by a female artist (who was AWESOME btw), she did an amazing job. However, when I tried to take a friend there to get really small tattooes done, the girl I wanted wasn't available. We were cool with that. They made me put down a $40 deposit for each tat, and then when we decided that we didn't want to pay over a $100 for a $25 word they only refunded HALF my money. I had cancelled our appointments just hours after we made them. I'd give them 5 stars if they wouldn't have been so shiesty about the deposit thing. I am however, very happy with the piece I got done there. The chick t